Compare And Contrast Mali And The Silk Road

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Mali was a western African empire that began around 1,235 C.E. The empire was well known for trading gold and has so much of it that people called it the land of gold. Their whole city was mainly in the scorching hot desert which sometimes made it difficult to trade with others. The route they used was very dangerous with bandits and sand storms. They had to travel on camels because they carry very heavy loads and could last a long time without water. The Silk road started around 200 B.C. and ended in 1300 A.D.
Many people used the route to trade goods and ideas. It was very long and no one would go the whole route because of the danger and the distance. First off, Mali was an empire that was medium size and as in the middle of the Sahara
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Medial was used mostly to make long swords. Crossbows were also made out of this material and were used in wars for distance. The last idea they had was algebra. Algebra was to do many things such as math.
In comparison, between Mali and the Silk road they both started around the same time. Mali started around 1,235 C.E. and ended around 1,600 A.D. The Silk road started around 200 B.C. and ended around 1,300 A.D. They both used the appropriate animal for the type of terrain they were traveling in. Camels for the desert and yaks for cold terrain or just the mountains.
Gold, salt, and silk were very important in both of their time lines. Mali would use parts of the Silk road to trade. Mali also made the Silk road known due to the amount of gold they had. People got very wealthy from all the gold they had. It would also be a different place for Mali because they would not have known of all the ideas on the Silk road.
The routes people took were dangerous with many pirates and bandits. The road often had many geographical issues too. Such as sandstorm or snowstorms which killed many people. Sometimes it would be so dangerous they would have to meet each other halfway so they would not have to travel as far. After all the danger though you could actually

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