Malicious Storms In History: The School Children's Blizzard

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The blizzard on January 12, 1888 will forever be known as one of the most disastrous storms in history. The storm earned the name “the children’s blizzard” because so many children lives were taken in this malicious storm. Could something have been done to prevent such a large death toll? Yes. If the proper steps had been taken to warn the people of the approaching bad weather, then many could have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their family and livestock.

So many in that time had taken advantage of the Homestead Act and were ready to make a better life for their loved ones. That January morning was just like any other morning, the families prepared for school and their daily farming activities. There was nothing to indicate that trouble was en route. Therefore, no one would was ready for it. This day would certainly be the most memorable for some for generations to come. Who and what were to blame for not warning the counties in time of this monster that devoured so much and so many in such a brief time frame? Some would say human error. Some may place the blame on the forecaster’s part, while others urge it was not enough technology in place or faulty science.

Take into account the telegraph offices; although
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It showed no mercy. No compassion. No kindness. The frigid temperatures, high winds and snowfall were major factors in the death toll being so high. Someone even wrote a song titled “The Murderous Blizzard”. No typical blizzard will ever compare to it, none in history. The death tolled could have been minimal or better yet nonexistent if there had been technology in place to protect the people in those counties. As well as if there was someone in that telegraph office to receive the alert and communicated it to the resident of those counties in order to prepare for

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