Mali's Influence On American Culture

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The empire of Mali was established around 1235 C.E. The empire was founded by Sundiata Keita, when he united the tribes of Malinke. He then led these tribes to overthrow the ruler Soso. The empire then became stronger, and took over many surrounding areas. When Mansa was the emperor he made many changes to the way he ran the society. ”The empire was then divided up into provinces that were each led by a governor called a ferba” ( The religion of Islam played an important part in the government and many of the government admin. Mansa Musa was thought of as one of the most famous emperors of Mali. He is best known for his pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It is said that Mansa was a very wealthy man and brought over 60,000 people…show more content…
Over forty African languages are spoken in this region, but the overall language is French. “About 80% of the population can communicate in Bambara, which is the lingua franca and marketplace language of the country”( There are about six overall general ethnic groups. These groups include 50% Mande (Bambara, Malinke, Soninke),17% Peul, 12% Voltaic, 6% Songhai, 10% Tuareg and Moor, and 5% other. The average lifespan of Mali in 2014 was 53.12 years for males and 56.83 years for females. This makes for an average between the two genders of 54.95 years. The international poverty line is $1.25 per day, and over half of it’s population is under this line. In 2009 Mali was ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world, when it ranked 178 out of 182. The infant mortality rate is 104.34 deaths/1,000 live births, I found this an interesting fact because it is sad and good to share this struggle how not all countries have as great medical attention as we do. In 2011-2012 there was a bad harvest which caused food stocks to be lower than usual. The farmers couldn 't meet their food needs without help. The low food levels then affects the stock breeders due to the feed balance deficit. This shortage makes it difficult for breeders to sell their livestock because nobody wants to come forth and buy it. Mali also has the possibility of a water shortage in Timbuktu and Kidal due to their lack of fuel. Without…show more content…
In Mali cotton being a large production in the country, it consists of many defects. Cotton is a crop that requires lots of water which contributes to a water devastation in Mali. Cross pollination between different types of cotton is a big factor which can cause contamination. Contamination by BT cotton could compromise the whole organic cotton production because it prohibits GMOs. The fertilizers used to grow cotton can foul the air and pollute water sources such as rivers. Once the rivers are polluted it affects the wildlife and can even lead the fish and other species to death. Cotton production doesn’t drastically decrease wildlife living in the area but it can harm and kill it. Large subsidies in EU and American farmers have made it so that Mali is not receiving a fair price for cotton. Cotton should be helping Malians out of poverty but the subsidies are causing problems."Sometimes, the young ones cry because they 're so hungry," he says, his face impassive. "I become very angry when I 'm not able to get enough food for my family. All the time, I feel sad."( Moussa Doumbia) This quote by cotton farmer Moussa shows the poverty at which a cotton farmer is in. Cotton being such a large export in Mali the people don’t have much of a choice to not be in the industry. The industry helps to bring in profits, but it is not providing
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