Mall Attack Research Paper

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Less than a week after the Minnesota mall stabbings, a man in his 20s walked into a mall in Washington on September 23 and killed five people with a rifle. The man walked into the Cascade Mall in Burlington, which is 45 miles south of the border from Canada and began to shoot people around 7 p.m. The attack took place in a Macy’s department store at the cosmetic section where four women were killed in the attack and one man later died at a hospital due to his injuries. When the police and rescue workers arrived, they swept through the mall and evacuated the shoppers, some of whom hid in the dressing rooms. A manhunt went underway on Saturday to search for the man, who was last seen walking by an interstate highway, and a grainy picture of the…show more content…
There is no released information about the man’s motives for shooting up the mall, but the FBI is investigating to see if this incident was an alleged terrorist attack. The past couple of weeks in September have been very busy for psychos and terrorists. First the bombings in New York City and New Jersey, then the stabbings in the mall in Minnesota, and now the mall shooting in Washington. It seems as if they all picked the end of September to try and hurt the United States. The fact that these people are getting away with or almost getting away with doing this type of stuff is unacceptable. Something needs to be done or we could potentially have another 9/11 or another Boston Marathon incident. Maybe the next time it will be much worse than either of those events. Something also needs to be done about the constant shoot ups. It seems like every other week or so, in the news is the shoot up of a mall or a shoot up of a school. Enough is enough. More needs to be done to prevent these incidents from occurring so often. People shouldn 't have to be afraid to go to the mall or go to school or go to the movies, fearing that someone is going to come and shoot up the place they are at. I am sick and
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