Malnourishment On Children Essay

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QUESTION 1 What are the effects of malnourishment on children when it comes to the response of their parents in relation with their family status?
• MT1: What are the effects of malnourishment to children?
• MT2: What are the responses of the parents towards the issue?
• MT3: What is the family status of children who are affected by the malnourishment issue
QUESTION 2 What are the reasons why micronutrient deficiency’s rate increases even if the government advocates an anti-malnourishment campaign?
• MT4: What are the factors of micronutrient deficiency?
• MT5: What is micronutrient deficiency’s rate in the Philippines?
• MT6: What anti-malnourishment campaign that the government advocates?
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Parent-Child. Regarding the parent-child relationship, parents do play a big part in the lives of their children. The interaction between the parents and their children is vital. As Dr. D Benton (2004) noted that parent style in food preferences may be a critical factor in its development, he intends to explain that parents should be cautious enough in doing a decision making on their child’s food choices, because this may lessen the factor of the children being malnourished. With regards to their sort of living, some study says that malnourished children commonly come from families who suffer from many shortcomings (Grantham-McGregor 1984). It points out the families who are living in overcrowded areas with poor hygiene and water supply plus low income. Likewise, according to research from Kikafunda, Walker, Collet and Tumwine (1998), living in rural or urban areas and low parental education levels contribute to malnutrition in children. Besides living in an area with poor physical and economic resources, parental education is indeed necessary. Since, parents play an important role on their child’s lives; it’s their obligation to be educated and responsible enough in taking good care of their children. Moreover, being aware of the factors as well as the resolution of malnutrition would benefit them in prevention. Other studies states that maternal characteristics may also be considered as a factor of malnutrition. Being malnourished may get from the parents for it was
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