Malnutrition: How Our Education Affects Society

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“We concluded that, in the field of public education, the doctrine of ‘separate, but equal’ has no place.” Education effects society. How we judge people is based on what we have been taught. There are 61 million kids are not enrolled in some sort of schooling. Education also helps with the health of others, if you are born to a mother with an education then you are 50% more likely to live past the age of five. Education is also closing the gender gap, and women who have an education will wait longer to have kids. This always ensures that they will be ready for children. Malnutrition is an effect of uneducated people. Education provides more farming techniques, and that creates more crops so there is less malnutrition. Education must be a priority…show more content…
Our Education Affects our judgment, if in the 1920 we were taught that the blacks are just like us then now we wouldn 't be having these problems. After the civil war the activist expected things to change. President Truman saw this and supported in hope to get the black vote in the 1954. He tried to get the Civil rights movement going and appealed to the legislation but congress rejected his proposal. Activest also tried to get rid of the segregation in schools. These bold protester risked everything to try and help others. African American supporters almost and some did lose their lives in fires and murder. In 1957 there began and civil rights division in the department of justice after pushing for it congress approved. Then in 1957 President Eisenhower sent federal troops to Little Rock Arkansas in the hopes to restore order and send nine black students to an all white school. But this didn 't do a lot in 1964 only 1% of black kind attend school with white kids.The fight for equal education has been a struggle since the civil rights. The struggle After world war 2 more than 3,000 schools were established in the south and the first black colleges. But the people still burned, and beat the schools, school teachers and students. The slow and uneven process or and equal and higher education is still a fight today. Recently colleges and University have been screening for prior crime as something to deny admission. In 2004, one million people were convicted of felony and 40% or that were African Americans.In 1945 african americans and white people were segregated in school and education, and they also lived in the poorest areas and had the worst paying jobs. The reasoning behind not letting african americans have a good educations was so that they would be able to get good jobs, they thought that would keep them in their place. And some even thought that they weren 't smart enough to deserve a good education. In 1896 the supreme court did a “separate but equal”
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