Malnutrition Research Paper

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Nutritional deficiencies or known as malnutrition is a condition of imbalance intake of nutrients in daily life. Generally, malnutrition refers to two types of groups which is ‘undernutrition’ and ‘overnutrition’. Undernutrition refers to those who are underweight and are lacking from the intake of nutrient or energy in daily food intake. This condition leads to underweight, stunting (height below than age), wasting (weight low than height) and micronutrient (lack of vitamins and minerals). Overnutrition is an excessive in nutrient intake that can lead to the several diseases. According to statistics produce by World Health Organization (WHO), in Africa and South Asia, 27−51% of women is underweight and about 130 million children are underweight. This disease had become serious health problem that linked to the increasing rate of mortality and morbidity. During pregnancy, the expected mother needs to take enough of vitamin and minerals to prevent anything bad happen to the baby. Nowadays, malnutrition in children is rare but in…show more content…
Many children around the world are categorized underweight and having disease related to malnutrition. This is happening because of poverty or political stability of a country. But, in my opinion, the children have a right to get a better nutrient intake as they grow up. We cannot blame the poverty as the country leader itself should aware of the economic situation of their country. They should provide better care for the children in village that surround by poverty. Malnutrition is not a long term problem. Once it is treated, the patient should be recovered. But some of deficiencies can lead to long term problem. For example is deficiency in vitamin B1. If it untreated for longer time, the patient might have dementia as it effect the neurological function and for the children, their growth might be stunted as they get not enough vitamin and minerals for the bone

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