Malpractice In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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We are gathered here today for the trial of Mr. Creation and Victor Henry Frankenstein. The creation is charging his creator, Victor, with negligence, reckless endangerment resulting in the involuntary manslaughter of William Frankenstein, Henry Clerval, and Elizabeth Lavenza, malpractice, emotional, and physical distress. My client, Mr. Creation, has suffered many times at the hand of his creator, and we are here today to see that justice is served for the cruel actions of Mr. Victor Frankenstein. In the following trial, we will be proving the defendant guilty of all the above charges.

Mr. Creation is charging his creator, Mr. Victor Frankenstein, with negligence. The creation feels as though Mr. Frankenstein did not fulfill his duties
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The possible mishaps made during the creation of my client can be punished under the charge of malpractice. A lawyer, physician, or any other medical professional can be accused of malpractice when their services result in injury or endanger the life of the patient. According to this definition, Victor would have committed malpractice when he was in the process of fabricating the creation by not preparing sufficiently for the creation. Both physically, by using incompatible parts, as well as mentally, by being unprepared for the responsibilities. Mr. Frankenstein stated that he used both human and animal parts to construct the creation. The combination of human and animal parts would not be as successful as a being created solely of one species. By mixing the organs, Mr. Frankenstein harmed the creation’s body. This did not at all compare to the injury inflicted upon the creation mentally by Victor’s lack of preparation. Frankenstein had not prepared himself for the responsibilities of being the guardian of a living thing. Mr. Frankenstein’s disregard of his responsibilities were caused by his unexplained fear, which appeared as a side effect of his careless planning. Victor Frankenstein’s careless planning, and disregard for the safety of his creation lead to injury, and…show more content…
The first, and possibly worst case of this is a result of the creation’s unnatural appearance. We are all aware of the amount of pressure society puts on us to look a certain way, and it is so much worse for the creation, seeing as he was not made in the same way we were. Mr. Frankenstein did not consider how the creation’s life would be affected by his unsightly appearance. Mr. Frankenstein caused the creation an immense amount of distress by removing any chance of the creation gaining acceptance into the human society. This caused even more distress once the creation discovered his appearance. The creation, like the rest of us, has feelings, and it is to be expected for him to be insecure about how he looks. The creation was denied the right to change anything of his appearance. He had no way of gaining resources to change and/or (fix?) his looks. Not only did Mr. Frankenstein give no thought to the well-being of his creation, he also swore to murder the creation, while the creation was within earshot. This undoubtedly would have caused emotional stress or trauma, as would be expected with anyone. His own creator, swearing to take life from the thing he had so selfishly given it. It did not stop there. Mr. Frankenstein also often referred to his creation with vulgar terms, such as monster, demon, and wretch(95).
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