Malvern Persuasive Speech

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501 It was Halloween night, my three friends Bryce, Zach, and Bailey and I were so excited, it was the 666th Halloween, we had all met up at Bryce’s Brother KY’s house in Donaldson, Arkansas. We had been invited to this Halloween party in down town Malvern on the train tracks by ACME Brick. So we called Bailey’s sister Megan because she lives beside KY’s house and KY and his Fiancé Megan wouldn’t take us to that part of Malvern because it is one of the worst neighborhoods in Malvern. So she takes us to the opposite side of Malvern and dropped us off at Bryce’s mom’s house on Louisiana st. So we were thinking how could we got on the completely other side of town because everyone we know won’t take us to that part of town and we didn’t have

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