Mama Dragon's Argumentative Essay: Memoir Bonding

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Mama Dragons, I'm in distress. My brother-in-law just posted the following (see below) even though his daughter is a lesbian who came out almost nine years ago. She just contacted me and said she broke off contact with him. I've offered my full support and love to her, but now I'm feeling like I want to rip his head off. I need advice from my fellow, more experienced Mamas. Would you respond to his FB post? If so, how? W facts and links? Or just ignore him? I'm furious right now and need level-headed advice.

"The biological purpose for sex is reproduction of the species. This involves two processes: 1) union of the gametes; and 2) care of the offspring. The human species is a heterosexual, pair bonding species. The pair bond is very important
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These biologically unnatural pseudo-bonds undermine the strength of a society. A person's sexual inclination or attraction doesn't change the social necessity of using sex exclusively for its biological purpose: heterosexual pair bonding. Altering the definition of marriage does not change the biological need for healthy heterosexual pair bonds."

"I look at it from a biological perspective—what is best for the human species. The fact is that the more promiscuous a society is, the more social and health problems we have (“promiscuous” meaning intimate sex outside of a heterosexual marriage). A promiscuous a society has:
1. More sexually transmitted diseases
2. More pornography
3. More sexually abused children (including those that are kidnapped and used for sex slaves).
4. More prostitution
5. More divorce resulting in more poverty, abuse, crime, drug abuse, etc.
This is a vicious, ugly downward cycle and our youth are the victims. We must protect them by behaving responsibly. Where do we draw the line? We either live in a way that provides a good role model for our youth or we go downhill. I, for one, and sick and tired of people “winking at” the Donald Trumps and Bill Clintons of this
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