Mama Lola

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The decisions that Mama Lola and her family make are altered by the teachings about the spirit Ogou because of their devotion to Hatian and Vudou traditions. Mama Lola grew up learning about Ogou and it is so ingrained in her life that she teaches it to her children to try and help influence their decision making for the better. But, since this family came to America social institutions that test their faith, Economic Class, Race and nationality make their decision making shaped by their devotion to Ogou. During this essay I am going to explain to you why their decision making by Ogou to help become more adapt to these institutions for the better.

Mama Lola and her family deal with the problem of their economic status during their early days in New York City. During the course of Maggie, Mama Lola’s daughter’s upbringing, she is forced to deal with a problem of being around other children in her new school who are of a different economic status than she is use to being around. Her family emigrated from Haiti where the difference is not so prevalent, so this change was tough. “I got
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When Maggie was a child living in New York she believes that the best way to protect herself is to carry a knife in her waistband. “When I first come, I always carry a little knife, like a penknife—right here” (PG128). But, as she progressed with age older, her understanding became more prevalent that voilence was never something that should be searched out but Maggie understood that it was to be ready for. “Maggie could have made the same point and meant it more literally, although the adult Maggie would never wear a knife in her waistband” (PG129). As Maggie and Aloudes matured with age they understood that Ogou would fight when necessary but his teaches taught them to “slip by” unnoticed when need be. Like race, nationality is something that troubled them because of the overall idea of being
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