Mama Mom And Momma Poem Analysis

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From behind walls they write:
Dear Mama, Dear Mom, Dear Momma
I wish I had… if only I had…
I’m sorry you have to ... I promise someday I will…

From tables behind bars
Through censored readers hands
They write: I love you Mama Luv’ you Mom Always love you Momma

Please abounds through
Hard bodies with broken hearts
Chiseled faces with choked back tears
Clenched teeth confessing yearning of the heart
To see the eyes, feel the reassurance Of Mama’s love Of Mom’s forgiveness Of Momma’s reassurance

What about you, with
Freedom under your feet and by your side
How are you heeding Mama’s advice?
How are you expressing Mom’s love?
How are you welcoming Momma’s wisdom?
How are you reflecting Mama, Mom, and Momma?

I have done poetry workshops or performances at several correctional facilities. One visit was through the CA Red Ribbon Week which has substance abuse prevention as a goal. My poems deal more so with transformation. I asked the young men to write a 5 line poem reflecting what they got out of the workshop; more than 25 wrote long poems (15+ lines) expressing feelings of love; regret, desire for forgiveness and hope for new futures with regard to their mothers.

Chapter 9: For your peace as you take in all life has to teach Life for humans begins with a fierce competition of which one will become ‘the one’ microscopic dot that emerges as a vibrant multi-celled, multi faceted being. Life mirrors the months where some days are calm, while others are filled with

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