Mama Tataba In Poisonwood Bible

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The author of the book, Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver uses powerful imagery to demonstrate how Leah puts down Mama Tataba when she first meets her. She does this with one of the characters, Mama Tataba. When the characters first meet Mama Tataba, Leah described her as "a little jet-black woman. Her elbows stuck out like wings." Kingsolver uses this simile to compare Mama Tataba to a bird and make her appear in the reader's head as bird like. Leah perceiving her that way shows how she harshly judged Mama Tataba and labeled her unhuman-like. Wing like arms aren't the only bird feature Kingsolver eludes to. Another bird like quality Mama Tataba has is her blind eye. Leah describes her eye as "an egg whose yolk has been broken and stirred
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