Mamibeka's Stuffed Squid Case Study

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Precedence Diagram: Stuffed Squid

To make the Mamibeka’s Stuffed Squid, Step 1 is the cleaning of squid for 2 minutes and it goes with the same preparation with Step 2 to Step 3 including the preparation and mixing of stuffing ingredients done by different staff will take place for about 1 minute and 45 seconds. Step 4 includes rubbing of salt to the squid then step 5 is when we put the stuffing into the squid for about 1 minute. Step 6 is when we secure the stuffing by joining the Squid 's head and body with the use of a Barbecue stick for 10 seconds and Step 8 is being prepared at the same time. Covering the squid with flour takes place in step 7 then when the oil is hot enough the squid is ready to fry for about 4 minutes until it is golden brown,. Finally drain the oil to from the squid and it is ready to serve.

Marketing Strategies

Through the 400 respondents that we have gathered from the conducted survey, we were able to get our target customers. As shown in the flowchart above, we will conduct a focus group discussion if our initial survey lacked information like the customer’s purchasing behavior. Once the target market has been thoroughly identified, we can now plan and develop our marketing strategies to be able to reach our target market. To be able to do that, the strategies that we plan should be attainable.

Inventory Process Flow

Inventory Process Flow Mamibeka is a grill restaurant that will offer different authentic Filipino food

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