Mammary Gland Research Paper

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Breast (Mammary Gland)

The breast, or mammary organ, is the most vital structure introduce in the pectoral district. Its life systems is of incredible pragmatic imperativeness and must be considered in subtle element.

The breast is found in both genders, yet is simple in the male. It is overall created in the female after adolescence. The breast is a changed sweat organ. It structures a paramount adornment organ of the female conceptive framework, and gives nourishment to the infant as milk.


The breast lies in the shallow belt of the pectoral area. It is separated into four quadrants, i.e. upper average, upper parallel, lower average and lower sidelong.

A little augmentation of the upper sidelong quadrant called the axillary tail of Spence,
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(ii) Horizontally, it stretches out from the horizontal fringe of the sternum to the midaxillary line.

Profound Relations:

The profound surface of the bosom is identified with the accompanying structures in a specific order.

1. The bosom lies on the profound sash (pectoral belt) coating the pectoralis major.

2. Still deeper there are the parts of three muscles, in particular the pectoralis major, the serratus foremost, and the outer angled muscle of the guts.

3. The breast is divided from the pectoral belt by detached areolar tissue, called the retro mammary space. In view of the vicinity of this detached tissue, the ordinary breast could be moved unreservedly over the pectoralis major.

Structure of the Breast:

The structure of the breast may be advantageously concentrated on by isolating it into the skin, the parenchyma, and the stroma.

A. The skin:

It blankets the organ and presents the accompanying gimmicks.

1. A cone shaped projection, called the areola, is available just underneath the focal point of the bosom at the level of the fourth intercostal space. The areola is penetrated by 15 to 20 lactiferous

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