Mammograms Pros And Cons

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A policy argument is the major vehicle for communication policy-relevant information and an important source of knowledge in reference to how policies are made and put into effect. The ability to organize, structure, and evaluate a policy argument is crucial to critical analytical thinking. (Dunn, 2012) The purpose of the two policy argument maps is to compare and contrast different modes of reasoning framing policy problems, which arise at all stages of the policy delivery process. The two policy maps will analyze the pros and cons of the new guidelines on mammograms and children and guns.
The American Cancer Society, which had previously taken the most aggressive approach to breast cancer screenings, recently …show more content…

The pro is that regular mammography can reduce the risk of dying from breast cancer by about 20%. One con about mammography is false positives, which leads to more testing and can include biopsies and another con is the potential risk of over diagnosis. Over diagnosis is caused when some of the tine cancers it finds may not progress or threaten the patient’s life, however, since there is no way to be sure which ones turn will turn dangerous, they are all treated. (Grady, …show more content…

A policy supported by 67 percent of Americans support a policy where states and localities require guns to be locked up at home. There are various types of smart gun technology that exits, that can prevent anyone other than their owner from firing a given. However, gun lock requirements and smart guns have been opposed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its allies.

The NRA promotes a response is solve the gun problem with more guns and aims to broaden the saturation of firearms in nearly every sphere of public and private life. In a country with more guns than people, it is not surprising that a certain number of small children are able to get their hands on unsecured firearms with tragic consequences. (Ingraham, 2015) In conclusion, based on the information provided, depending on where you stand there are both pros and con gun safety. The pro is that when it comes to gun safety, there should be policies in place, such as gun lock requirements to help prevent childhood gun deaths. The con is that many gun owners feel that it is not the government’s place to tell them how to store their guns and feel that it is an invasion of their

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