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Mammoths Imagine walking down the street and finding a mammoths bone. As a fact, 2 people from DuPage county were hiking in the forest and found the mammoths bone. Mammoths were the woolly elephant like animals with long curved tusks. Mammoths were the biggest woolly animals on earth. Most of the mammoths used to leave in cold environment and they became extinct about 12,000 years ago. The mammoths became extinct because of Climate Change, Human Hunting and Hyper Disease. Over the years global temperature has been increasing democratically, therefore climate change is one of the causes of mammoth’s extinction. Mammoths are large woolly animals that lived in cold climate. According to the Illinois state museum the temperature of the earth…show more content…
Hunting mammoths was more profitable for humans than hunting other animals. The mammoths were woolly with large tusks. The Mammoths tusks were used to make hunting tools and others sharp tools. The woolly skins were used to make cloths, and the meat form the Mammoths were used as food. According to Science Daily Human came to North America from Asia about 22,000 years ago around the same time when the global temperature started to increase. During this time Many Mammoths migrated to different area and humans killed the rest of them. According to the live Science Human killed about 1/3 Mammoths in North America. In calculation, Mammoths became extinct as a result of climate change, Human Hunting and Hyper Disease. Climate change was the most plausible cause of the Mammoths extinction, it cause mammoths to move to different environment where they were not adapted. Human Hunting was the second most probable cause of Mammoths extinction, since human killed 1/3 remaining mammoths. Hyper Disease was the last responsible cause of the mammoths extinction, since hyper disease killed remaining Mammoths on

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