Mammy Stereotypes

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Mammy is one of the stereotype how white men look at to African American women. Mammy was pictured as fat, middle-aged, funny. Mammy 's most successful commercial expression is Aunt Jemima. ‘In 1889, Charles Rutt, a Missouri newspaper editor, and Charles G. Underwood, a mill owner, developed the idea of a self-rising flour that only needed water. He called it Aunt Jemima 's recipe. Rutt borrowed the Aunt Jemima name from a popular vaudeville song that he had heard performed by a team of minstrel performers’.3 In the stereotype of Sapphire, African American women who is evil, bitchy, stubborn and hateful. On other words, Mammy’s opposite. Unlike other images that symbolize African American women, Sapphire necessitates the presence of
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