Mamou Case Study

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In the heart of Cajun country lies a small town named Mamou. No one would ever imagine this small community could be a bastion of hope for people who are suffering from the disease of addiction. If you live in the central part of Louisiana living a life caught up in addiction, you need to be aware of the treatment resources in your region. You may not be ready today, but there will come a time when you realize it 's time to "get on with living or get on with dying." The world hopes you choose living and treatment.

Mamou is as Cajun as it gets. The town numbers 2,242 (2010 census) residents with most of them working as either rice farmers or Cajun music musicians. In fact, Mamou is home to the world-famous Fred 's Lounge where Cajun music rings in the weekend every Saturday morning. As for being the right addiction treatment environment, this is a hard
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Getting Addiction Treatment in Mamou
Should you choose to get help is Mamou, you might be interested in some information about the facility and it 's treatment programs.

Savoy Medical Center New Horizons - As part of the Savoy Cancer Treatment center, New Horizons provides a wide range of addiction treatment services on an inpatient basis to men and women. In a semi-private environment, patients are evaluated for and designated to an in-house detox treatment, and subsequently placed in either a short-term (30 days or less) or long-term (60, 90, or 120 days) treatment program. If the patient has a history of mental illness, dual diagnosis treatment can be added to the treatment menu. Treatment includes counseling (group and individual), holistic therapy and a variety of alternative treatment methods like music or recreational therapy. Services are provided by caring, licensed staff with experience in both drug and alcohol treatment. Patient fees are calculated on an income-based sliding scale. The payment option menu includes loan financing, cash, credit card, Medicaid, Medicare and most types of private

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