Man And Minor Characters In Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Dafoe

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Overview: Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Dafoe is an adventurous novel; a fictional autobiography centred around the audacious young man Robinson Crusoe who was fond of sea voyages. The main character and the narrator of this adventurous story is Robinson Crusoe and the minor characters are Friday; the friend or the servant of Robinson Crusoe and the Captain. The links between the major and minor characters are the friendship among them which bonded them in this lone island. Throughout the story there are instances where conflicts are encountered between man versus man, man versus mother nature and man versus himself. The main conflicts the protagonist Robinson Crusoe face are the shipwreck, hardships, fear of survival, privation, cannibals and loneliness. Regarding the opening chapters of the book, Robinson Crusoe challenging his family’s opinion wanted to become a sailor. On one of his journeys he was captured as a slave by Turkish pirates and he escapes them with a great struggle and arrives at a deserted uninhabited island following a shipwreck due to a storm. Later he realizes that he is the lone survivor and finds himself all alone in the island. The chapters to follow elaborate the hardships, challenges and experiences Robinson Crusoe had to face during his twenty seven years of stay in the desert island. During the twenty fourth year Robinson finds some footprints which are not his and following those he rescues a native man captured by cannibal barbarians.
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