Man And Woman Relationship In Literature

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THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MAN- WOMAN RELATIONSHIP IN ANITA DESAI 'S SELECT NOVELS CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION MAN-WOMAN RELATIONSHIPS Man-woman relationship is as old as human existence. It was, in olden times, a biological necessity. In literature which is a reflection of life it forms the core. Right from the ancient epics and legends, literary endeavor has been to portray this relationship along with its concomitants, and to bring out the tragedy or otherwise resulting from it. The portrayal of man-woman relationship demands a special focus when one considers the difference between the two. It won’t be an exaggeration and out of the way to make a statement that man-woman relationship has always remained at thematic center of literature in any country. In fact, the man-woman relationship depicted in literary is a delicate area of depiction, demanding a special care and treatment. It is the treatment of man woman relationship which either uplifts or degrades the dignity of that relationship. However, there are well established critics of literature or writers have not drawn out yardsticks to decide and finalize what kind of man woman relationship should be considered dignified and what kind of not. The traditional man-woman relationship starts with marriage and ends with death or divorce. Man-woman relationship outside marriage has no social sanction and is looked down upon by the society. Therefore, such relationships are carried on in secrecy and seclusion. There are real issues

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