Remember The Titans: Discrimination In Society

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“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences” (Lorde). This famous quote from Audre Lorde expresses that it’s fine to be different, but society is divided because people are resistant to acknowledging these differences. Discrimination has been a problem in America for hundreds of years, as many people have faced oppression based on their race, religion, gender, etc. The people who practice Islam have experienced hate crimes, the travel ban, and intense security at airports because of stereotypes that have become associated with the religion. It is common today for people to assume that all Muslims are terrorists because of the recent terrorist attacks. This is not the only way people in America make assumptions based off stereotypes. The film Remember the Titans clearly shows discrimination between race in America in the 1970s.…show more content…
Whether it’s race, religion, gender, etc., many people encounter bigotry in different ways. Islam is one of the religions that is discriminated against the most because of the stereotypes people have brought upon it. Muslims have experienced hate crimes, the travel ban, and intense security at the airport from the assumption that all Muslims are terrorists. There have been many recent reports of people discriminating against Muslims (violently or not), proving that it’s still happening in society today. The film Remember the Titans deals with the idea of discrimination, specifically racism, in America very well. Coach Herman Boone faced prejudice many times throughout the film, from when none of the staff and students respected him, to when the board tried to get him fired. Discrimination against anyone should never be tolerated. Although it is something that is difficult to change, society must work together to end the hate. As Audre Lorde said, we must celebrate our differences to lessen the division between
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