Man Machine Interface Research Paper

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Action interference

The Man-Machine Interface
Man-machine interface is a concept that focuses on the relation between machines and human beings, designers were focused on human being’s limitation of precision accuracy, high speed and multiple tasks. After control theory and system theory was introduced the system components were identified by inputs, outputs and transfer function which was what was used in the creating of the air table. The human stimulates the machine to move how it should by placing his hand over the table and showing it how high or low it should be.

The designers of the Air table stated, “What do you do when you show someone how high something is? You raise your hand, right?
It’s the most natural way of indicating the
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The human controls the machine and how it functions. Another relation that the Air table follows is the human and the environment the table will be used differently based on the environment where the human is using it, for example The Air table at a work place where it can be used to indicate whether or not people are working and their stress levels by means of the LED lights on the table and so one would think the lights will constantly be on and the table will be put more to work where else at a home environment in the dining room one would not have to adjust the height as much so the usability would be very different. The Air table also follows the relation of machine and environment, the table can be used for different things based on the environment it is in, for example it will have a different impact when it is used at a club where the lights could be used for entertainment purposes and at work where it’s used to indicate whether a person is working or not.

In the TableAir, human interaction is the most important aspect of the machine. The
TableAir has an action interface because it satisfies users’ action by “offering felicity conditions and action guidance for the desired action pattern, action plan, and action evaluation.”

The designers who designed the air table where to join humans with the artefacts as an ecological
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Thus once all these elements have been evaluated in relation to the product it is then possible to vaguely identify the optimal location and or setting where this product can then be effectively distributed whilst a steady profit is made in order to further innovate on the product and support its lifeline through

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