Man Of Steel Film Analysis

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“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” but is the new really that better than the old? Here we compare the role of Superman In both Superman 1978 and Man of Steel as well as the films as a whole. In 1978 Christopher Reeve definitely set the standard for the role of Superman, he won the hearts of many Superman fans with his charm and charisma on the big screen. Not only did he excel in the role of Superman but also grasped the character of Clark Kent. In the Superman 1978, Superman and Clark Kent were two separate characters, Superman being more confident and outgoing whereas Clark Kent being the introverted opposite. This changed in the movie remake Man of Steel where the character of Superman and Clark Kent almost…show more content…
Superman 1978 follows the standard growing up timeline where we see Clark Kent grow up and progress into his older character unlike in Man of Steel where the use of a nonlinear timeline and flashback effects are used to explain the current situation.
To elaborate on the difference in the story line furthermore we can see in Superman 1978 that the genres of romance and comedy play a more dominating role rather than action, this makes the film have a lot of heart. However in Man of Steel, the genre of action is predominant and is almost overwhelming at times.

With reference to the movie posters produced to advertise the film at the time, poster 2 makes for a better representation of the superhero because it displays him in the centre of the poster soring though the clouds rather than just a logo with a colourful background. For Man of Steel Poster 4 gives a more human feel and demonstrates some of the action in the film soon to come that gives the viewer some exciting anticipation.
With all things considered both films make for a great story in their own light, they both understood and succeeded in capturing the magic of superman as a character in the era it appealed
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