Man Of Steel Thesis

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Man of Steele What do you want to be when you grow up? That is a question that has always lingered in our minds since we were children. As kids we would dream to be just like our parents or Superman, but what if being a superhero is more complicated than it seems. Superman is the king of all heroes as we all can agree on, but what really is his story? Watching Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder, Superman’s story was told from him first breath of life showing us how Superman came to be. Although Superman fights General Zod to keep Earth and humans from extinction, Man of Steel incorporates where he gets his super-natural abilities, his norman childhood, and normal/heroic adulthood as he becomes a guardian of the people. On Planet Krypton they live by the system of genetically modified babies as a source of reproduction. It is the law that each baby is selected to be a certain type of person before they are even born. The system has been made up of these laws passed by the leaders of Krypton. Two Kryptonians Jor-El and his wife Lara have gone behind the leaders back and have given birth to one of the first non-genetic baby boys named Kal-El. Looking at the bigger picture, Krypton was at a low point and was soon to face destruction. General Zod, who is Kal-El’s brother, becomes aware of the situation and seeks dictatorship to take control of the entire planet. Refusing to join and follow his…show more content…
You want to go out and save the world along with eliminating the bad guys. Superman did incredible in protecting the ones he cares about and keeping Earth safe, but just like many people he had to deal with a lot of changes throughout his life. He had things to overcome as well. As he grew up from his childhood into his adulthood, he learned that Jonathan was right about his powers. One day they will need him and going forward he was then the guardian and protector of Earth and anyone in
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