Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden And My Years As A Seal Team Warrior

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The book I have chosen to read is called “The Operator: Firing the shots that Killed Osama Bin Laden and My Years as a Seal Team Warrior” by Robert O’neill. This book is about Robert O’neill sixteen and a half years in the Navy, and his 400 combat mission. It also talks about his experience being the man who shot Osama. I choose this book because, i've always had an interest reading about 9/11 and this story talks about that. Plus, about the world's most wanted man. There was another other book called “Manhunt; the 12 day chase for Lincoln's killer”. That story was about a man named John Wilkes who murdered Abraham Lincoln and his manhunt for him.However, I felt as I would enjoy reading this one more because i was very interested in the details behind the killing of Osama Bin Laden. O’neill first time shooting was a mule deer when he went hunting with his dad. Killed his first enemy in 2006, Iraq. Killed Osama Bin Laden 2011, Saudi Arabia. In 1994 is when Robert met his first Navy Seal, his name was Jim. Jim told Robert that he could become a Navy Seal. He wanted to become like Ben and Jim, so he signed up for the Navy Seal. In April 1995 he went to the Marines office. When they asked why he wanted to become a …show more content…

Robert gave a clear visualization of what he went through, I could only imagine how it felt fighting for our country. The story gave me a cleared understanding of what happening during 2001 and the years following. I knew about what happened to the World Trade centers but, I didn't know much about the wars and fighting that happened. It really showed what men and women go through everyday to fight for our country. This book shows so much respect to these people. I felt as many people know 9/11 as the day where the World Trade Center were crashed into. But, forget about the people who fight for our country. And what they were going through during this time as

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