Management Accounting Literature Review

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“The last few decades there has seen a large amount of interest in the changing of management accounting, issues and role of management accountants, showing that management accounting might have lost some relevance to the function of management and other financial and managerial information users and there has been a number of researches that suggests changes to the management accounting functions, systems, techniques and practices. This paper shows how the current management accountants handle their role in the present and the future and how issues are encountered and what can be done to solve them and including some ideas to develop the management accounting more.”
Keywords: Management accounting, Issues, functions, role.

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And followed by details of the specific research questions and that were asked in the interviews, then the survey that was given to accountants and conducted only and specially to UAE accountants, and the results of that survey. And in the end the conclusion and recommendations will be shown and presented.

Literature review: A decade ago professional accountants in countries such as the UK and the US have funded research into management accounting functions changes and issues faced by businesses across the globe in. (Scapens, 1999).
Studies that focused on:
• Function changes in management accounting.
• Skills and techniques required and used by managerial accountants.
• Issues that are faced in management accounting.
•Analyze and evaluate the data that is collected about the issues that occur in managerial accounting.
• The techniques and strategies that need to be adapted to gain competitive advantage.
• The Ethical standards that need be implemented for higher performance and stability.

Firstly to start with the function changes in management
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In another a survey that was done here in the UAE, accountants were asked to categorize the most important skills that are an essential in the management accounting.
The outcomes point that communication skills, capability to work part of a team, Methodical skills and to understand how a business functions. But the most important skill that most of the accountants agreed upon is the Computer skills which help them develop other skills such as Data analyzing and forecasting.

Now due Globalization and the increasing complication of businesses, and with high-powered computing technology and the changes done to the functions and the roles of management accountants issues rose now we have a look at

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