Management And Leadership: Characteristics Of Steve Jobs

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Individual Report Ganesha Ganda Saputra Steve Jobs Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 The biography of Steve Jobs and the birth of Apple 4 Characteristics of Steve Jobs’ Leadership Style 5 1. Management and Leadership Style 5 2. The impact of Steve Jobs and his team had made to the company and society 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 Executive Summary Apple, a leading brand in today’s technology, has a remarkable reputation in the industry. Its success and reputation cannot be separated by its famous and future oriented co-founder, the late Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was known as an unconventional leader, who practiced an exceptional leadership and management styles. He was revolutionary and his future…show more content…
Management and Leadership Style Different leaders and managers in companies practice different style of leadership and management. Warren Bennis, the author of “On Becoming a Leader” furthermore distinguish leaders with managers. Daniel Goleman in his book “Primal Leadership” popularized 6 leadership styles, which are visionary, coaching, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, and commanding ("Leadership Styles - Management -," n.d.). However, to determine which leadership style to be used, a leader must be aware and understand the strength and weaknesses of his team thoroughly and carefully. Steve Jobs was known as an unconventional and future oriented leader. Many experts have been arguing that his leadership style is one of the keynotes that bring Apple to today’s success. Steve Jobs was undoubtedly a visionary leader. His experience as a college dropout had made him to have a style in which we are unable to find in any textbooks. His management and leadership skill was inspiring and exceptional; he had successfully managed a company with over thousands of people, although his style often criticized to be too extreme by some people. #1…show more content…
Jobs and his team created innovations in the industry. They created an innovation in technology and the products were globally sold and are a huge success until now. Steve Jobs had contributed much to the technology. He had revolutionized computers, which were considerably expensive into affordable and efficient figures, suitable for business and personal use, not to forget, wrapped in a elegant and chic design. He was also the mastermind of the revolutionary iPhones, iPads, iPods, and etc. Those products are now highly demanded in the industry for their efficiency, designs, and most importantly their technology. Steve Jobs had created the market and the customers, which are constantly expanding until now. Another contribution Steve Jobs had made during his time to the society was creating jobs. He increased the employees from 7,000 to 46,500 people, indirectly contributed to countries’ economics and people’s wealth. By creating vast jobs all around the world and producing technologies, Steve Jobs had successfully connected people all around the world ("Steve Jobs' Biggest Contribution (That No One Is Talking About) | OPEN Forum,"

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