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Introduction Hyflux Ltd, initially named Hydrochem (S) Pte Ltd, was founded in 1989 by Ms Olivia Lum, Group CEO, President and Managing Director. The company started off selling water treatment systems through the purchase of traditional membrane technology from other companies. With Research and Development (R&D) being the core business strategy, Hyflux today has operations and projects across China, India, the Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) region, Europe and Southeast Asia. In 2001, Hyflux was the first water treatment specialist to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, which was a significant boost in the company’s portfolio in the eyes of the international market. Hyflux’s move into the European market started off with a joint-venture with CEPAration B.V. After acquisition in 2006, Hyflux CEPAration functions as a subsidiary of Hyflux to research into membranes for desalination of water. Hyflux’s strength as a membrane technology company has enabled it to identify niche applications in developing InoCep which is a ceramic based filtration system to infiltrate into the Swedish…show more content…
Furthermore, Sweden embraces new technology and R&D, this is a clear signal that this is a market-pull approach and in favor to Hyflux operating model. It is recommended that Hyflux continues to have a stake in the Swedish market as the country is conducive in meeting the needs of the company and the company being able to provide what the market requires. To facilitate Hyflux in gaining a portion of the Swedish market, the author would like to recommend the company to implement collaborative venture. To speed up the venture, and not to miss the optimum timing of entry, it is advisable for Hyflux to collaborate with either the government or some other potential so as to speed up the setup of business.

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