Management Information System Case Study

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1. The three key resources in management information systems challenge are information, information technology, and people. Which of these three resources is the most important? Why? The least important? Why?

What is an information system? Information system can be defined in terms of two perspectives which are related to its function and structure. From a functional perspective; information systems refer to technologically implemented medium for the purpose of disseminating, storing, and recording verbal expressions. Also, for supporting the decision making process in the business operational. From a structural perspective; information systems contain of a technology, models, data, and processes, collection of people and partly formalized
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In our modern age information systems is particularly important as more and more emphasis is put on the use of IT hardware and software-things that MIS is responsible for (Collins, 2016). Thus, management information system plays a big role in business operational efficiency because it provides routine information to a person called decision makers. A decision maker responsible in make a structured and recurring decisions for example, restocking decisions and bonus award. Data collected and stored by transaction processing systems is the main input to a management information system…show more content…
It gives knowledge about what people can do and what is their decision and help person do their activities and responsibilities. Management information systems contain three key resources which are information, information technology, and people. Thus, which are the most important resources that can contribute to the business operational? In my opinion, information is the most important. According to Adeoti (1970), the concept of information in an organizational sense is more complex and difficult than the frequent use of this common word would suggest. Every society, no doubt, s an information society and every organization is an information organization. Therefore, information is a basic resource like material, money and personnel. Information can be considered either as an abstract concept (ideas) or as a commodity, usually in the form of letters and reports. Clearly, information has become a critical resource like energy. Both are important to the interests of organization and individual in the modern world
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