Reflective Essay On Innovation Management

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Management is the eternal theme of enterprises, is the cornerstone for enterprise development. Innovation is the driving force behind the progress of modern enterprises, enhance core competitive ability, and get the leap-forward development, the decisive factor in achieving sustained growth. In the context of today's global economic environment deteriorated. I think we would have to grasp the management of innovation and development of new trends and new demands, management innovation, and infiltration in the innovation management process as a whole. Specifically, in the context of informatization, marketization and deepening integration, the company wants to achieve sustainable development must be at the concept of system innovation, change
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People are fundamental to productivity and management subjects. This is where the source of vitality of the enterprise, is the key to success of management. People are the most critical. Companies must be eliminated and cultivation of talent there. Only the fittest can continue for the company transport for healthy blood, growth of the company's development.
Summary from the sales go to the warehouse, I joined the company seven years ago. Through their own experience, and, more recently, their learning, with its own feelings, I also hope that the company can make rapid progress, and give myself a broader stage to reflect their values.
In the case of the global economic slowdown, in my opinion, if the external environment is very bad, we have to look into the company's internal, every coin has two sides, although sales are slowing, but is also our good company, good time to train staff, until the economy improves, because of our reserve forces, can help companies better development. Sweeping reform, in training of employees is

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