Management Objectives Of Grace Kennedy Foods

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AC 5.3. Produce future management objectives for an organization

Management objectives of any entity must resonate well with the established plans of an organization. Since the management objectives are the drivers of the plans, they play a very crucial role in steering of the organization to reach the strategy plans (Essex, 2016). In addition, the management plans of Grace Kennedy Foods must focus on the various facets of administration of the organization. In this section, the paper will outline some of the management objectives of Grace Kennedy Foods and how these objectives are likely to influence the strategy plans of the company.

Enhancing employee productivity

Grace Kennedy Foods will seek to enhance the productivity of their employees through various strategic proposals. The realization that the employees play a crucial role in the management of the operations of the company inspires this objective. No organization is capable of succeeding in meeting its commercial aspirations if the employees are not treated well and their productivity enhanced. Through initiatives such as improved remuneration, performance appraisals and training, Grace Kennedy Foods will seek to enhance their performance levels and commitment to the course of the company.

Improved customer support

Grace Kennedy plans to enhance the manner in which it interacts with the customers and deliver the mandate of the business to its customers. This calls for the review of the current customer

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