The Project Management Process

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Project management discussion, function itself to any organization on information system management and a suitable planning that acquire the research and explanation to make point crystal clear, some of the view point were coming from different opinion and suggestion that are clearly help the success of the project management, as well as the understanding in fulfil the project management benefit to information system management environment clearly it is project management can be one of the point that need to be consider.
This paper intended to propose a project management process that can be used in information system management that able to help the organization workflow with clear explanation based on project management
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The linkage between project management and how it can affect the success on one project.
Design /methodology/ approach
This paper offerings and explain the foremost concepts which explain the important matters to project management philosophy and the management of big projects plus with success, aspects and project management playing a big part of a effective project.
Findings of this paper prove the important features for success in project management as well as the using proper information system management (ISM). Project management playing a big role in any organization how it planned and output on every decisions.

Originality / value The outcome of this paper is project management process in information system management, or the success of using project management process, it remains as an important stage that require organization to practically as their everyday ,day to day routine. An excellent project management process can be accepted as a part of component in complete a task automatically helps the stakeholders recognize the benefit and function
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To deliberate project management, it is significant to understand the theory of a project. A project is “a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.” which means work done in organizations to sustain the business ongoing process. Projects are different from operations in that they end when their objectives have been reached or the project has been terminated. The initial plan well known to use as a project management (PM) system which custom in the project it would be a little more than uncertain in this decade. Project management as we know it today started to expose itself throughout the industrialised revolution, there is time in businesses and industry commenced to grow rapidly and computerization was introduced into
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