Management Roles: The Importance Of Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management (HRM) is a management process that is responsible for the careful selection and training of , training and management of the culture of the company and employees people with the necessary skills by attracting, hiring, training, motivating and maintaining employees to pursue strategies for success effectively while reducing expenditure. Implementing HRM, you will be able to provide a pellucid association to the support of the organization’s strategy and the representation and encouragement for the employees. ORGANIZATIONAL GOALS AND OBJECTIVES ACHIEVED THROUGH HUMAN RESOURCE’S AID
Human Resource refers to the personnel, your employees, of a business
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With the implementation of HRIS, your company will excel at:
 Recruiting o Rightsizing (linking employee needs to organizational strategy) o Outsourcing (Contingent workers, i.e. temporary, part-time, contingent, contract; or overseas workers)
 Employee selection: o A diverse workforce
 Training & Development
 Ethics & Employee Rights
 Motivating Knowledge Workers
 Paying Employees Market Value
 Communications
 Decentralized Work Sites
 Skill levels
 Legaliites

Performance Management is the continuous process in which managers and employees work together to set objectives, monitor and assess progress, provide on-going coaching and feedback to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives and career goals and overall contribution to the organization. Through the implementation of Performance Management Systems, you can reach maximum growths (more income for shareholders and the company) and develop dedicated employees
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As a recap, SWOT analysis consists of:
S STRENGTH  how did you achieve your current position
 what is your most marketable product
W WEAKNESS  identify where you are failing in the current market and in the organization
O OPPORTUNITY  research new or different products
 research new ways of introducing newer or different products, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
T THREAT  analyze your current cost and efficiency – cuts may be necessary either in workforce or product distribution
 research on what may be the downside of the introduction of a new

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