5.2 Explain Five Factors That Influence A Team's Performance

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You have been promoted to the position of supervisor (lower level management) in your organisation. As you are very ambitious, you aim to hold a middle management post within the next 2 years and a top management post within in the next 3 years.
What is Management? Why is it important?
Management – The process of management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling are performed. The three levels of management are Top Management, Middle Management and Lower Management. The different levels of management are distinguished by the level of responsibility, main functions, time orientation and the positions held.
Managers are effective if they achieve their goals and efficient if minimal resources are utilised
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Many factors influence the performance of a team. It includes the status of a group, roles of the group, group norms, leadership, cohesiveness and size of the group.

• Cohesiveness – This is the ability to work together as a team. Teams are considered cohesive if they can identify with their membership, which means they feel proud to be a member of the team. This result in the high performance of the teams. The team members more readily and effectively achieve goals. Communication within the teams is excellent.
• Group Roles – Every member in a team is assigned a role and tasks are expected of the team member. Members in a team are to behave in a certain manner, depending on their role or tasks. Leaders must ensure that a member performs the tasks associated with the roles.
• Group Norms – They form from the communication or interaction between the team members. Specific behavioural and work standards are expected from the team members.
• Leadership – Strong leadership in a team identifies strong teams. Leadership can be seen a process of influence.
• Group size – The size of a group can affect the teams overall performance. Smaller groups complete tasks quicker than larger groups; however, larger groups are more effective in problem

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