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A manager, without a doubt, needs to have some inherent characteristics. Maybe some people need more work than others and there are personalities that tend to fit better to a managerial profile. However, I believe that most, if not all people can become good managers. In business, people focus on leadership rather than management. Although a charismatic leader can bring vision and new ideas in a company, it is the management that has to find the optimal implementation strategy. A good manager can also be a leader, but apart from that, the manager has to be able to connect all the pieces correctly to get the job done [1]. There are a number of characteristics that a manager needs to have in order to be exceptional. Some of them are quite…show more content…
They know that if they really feel frustrated, it is best to go for a walk. They don’t over-react and lose their cool in the office. Another critical aspect of a great managers it that they care about the people they employ. Express interest in your team members' success and well-being and make new members feel welcome and get to know your employees as people. Help employees with career development. Employees want to feel like their efforts will be noticed and that their hard work is furthering their careers. Managers should make it known that they appreciate employees, want to help them, and that the work employees do for them will pay off. In case that a manager has the skills required, they are not afraid to work alongside with the employees, understand the challenges related to each project and be able to help your team members solve problems. Great managers know in addition to being a leader, they are also teammates. They don’t just give feedback on problems; they help with implementing the solutions. These managers are very clear and realistic when it comes setting and communicating goals. Along the way they get their hands dirty and put in the work to ensure their direct reports are setup for success. They show them how to be successful if they are falling behind and demonstrate best practices to help guide them…show more content…
However there are some strong indicators that one could use as proxies for that purpose. One of them is increased productivity. Well-trained managers are able to set realistic goals, develop strategic work plans and make decisions quickly. This can increase the effectiveness with which your business is run. It also helps the manager gain the respect of his employees and colleagues, which can create a stronger and more cohesive work dynamic. Happy staffers who know what they are doing and why they are doing it are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs, resulting in decreased turnover. Another very important indicator would be a very small (or decreasing) workplace conflict. Workplace conflict can arise when people are unsure of their roles or their duties, where there is a significant lack of communication and where problem-solving abilities are non-existent. Effectively trained managers are adept at employee relations, dispute mediation and in running a positive and focused workplace. A manager with good interpersonal skills can help increase understanding between colleagues and smooth out workplace

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