Explain The Responsibilities Of A Hotel

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2.2 Introduction
A manager is a position, which is assigned to a person, who is in charge of managing a specific department present in an organization. A manager’s main responsibilities are to anoint the employees a set of responsibilities, which are performed and supervised under the guidance of the manager in charge. Management of work, project or a task are critical and all are performed by a manager, who establishes goals, which need to be carried out by the employees under his/her provision.
There are a certain number of monthly or weekly targets, which are set by the company and need to be completed according to the deadlines and requirements. These various set of responsibilities aim towards specific objectives and acquiring these objectives,
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The place or location of the destinations geographic location should be easily accessible by people. Some places are easily accessed by the normal modes of transport such as train, bus, roadways, or airways. While some places aren’t equipped with the common or basic modes of transport, this makes it a bit challenging in terms of travel. The directions should also be easily understood by any traveller for easy access.

For example, almost everyone is looking for an experience during their vacation or time off and travel to a place, which is exotic and beautiful visually. It all just doesn’t depend on the destination but all the other factors which make the experience wholesome.

2. Hotel
Location of the hotel is also part of the key factors in decision making, this can either be satisfactory or cause dissatisfaction for the traveller and the management. It is very important for travellers to easily reach the source by signage on the road, shuttle busses provided by the hotel, taxis or private cars. This helps a lot as customers are already tired after travelling and they would like nothing more than to reach the hotel with ease. Transport should be easily accessed to move around a lot of

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