Managerial And Personal Skills And Career Development

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3.1. Lead and motivate a team to achieve an agreed goal or objective
According to Maslow’s motivation theory, employee satisfaction is very important the leadership and management style of the manager highly contributes to satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the employees. This influences the objectives of the organisation and its growth, therefore, they should ensure motivations among their employees and this will ensure productivity in the organisation. Internal motivation may include bonuses, promotions, and also incentives.
Through leadership, a manager is able to establish a friendly work culture in the organisation. Employees are able to coordinate and be involved in decision making and sharing of ideas with the manager. This also boosts
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Explain how own managerial and personal skills will support career development
Development of career is very essential to all organisations. Managerial and personal skills help to improve and develop one’s career in the recent competitive market. Some of the personal traits that contribute to career development include; attitude, behaviours, integrity, and dedications towards work success. Managerial skills may include human skills, technical skills and conceptual skills.
The managerial skills play an effective role in career development when used by the manager’s well to accomplish organisational goals and objectives. Therefore, managers should use their knowledge and experiences for productivity. The human skills ensure managers make good decisions in developing a career in the organisation by building a positive relationship with their employees to achieve a certain goal. Conceptual skill enables the managers to making developments through effective problem solving, while technical skills affects both the operational and technical performances of organisation’s tasks.
Personal Skills helps an individual manager make personal developments. This may include building up confidence and establishing personal relationship in the organisation. This will help an individual enhance his or her own learning capabilities in order to manage an
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Achieving Personal and professional development may help a manager apply self managed learning. Managers at both Marriott and Radisson Blu hotel have been able to identify some of the areas that can be improved by the employees through self managed learning and have also come up with programs that will help them also develop themselves. Some of the approaches used for self managed learning includes; observation and reading. This is explained in the learning cycle of Kolb’s

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