Managerial Roles Gap Analysis: Mintzberg's Managerial Roles

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After completing Mintzberg’s managerial roles gap analysis (Mintzberg, 1973), I have learnt that I have managerial role gaps that need bridging. In most cases I am capable of performing what my job requires, but I do believe as the organization expands; the requirements of the various roles will also increase. Hence, I need to develop over and above what is required at my current level of operations. Also, with regard to Mintzberg’s managerial roles (Mintzberg, 1973), I generally have a greater gap when it comes to decision making roles.
I also find decision making roles to be the most important of Mintzberg’s managerial roles when it comes to a complex and dynamic workplace environment. The
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Giving and receiving feedback is a crucial part of my day. Over the course of the unit, I have been able to try and implement the approaches for giving feedback. The point where I need further development is with the compartmentalizing of the problem into its emotional and neutral components (Gallagher, 2007). I have realized I initially dwell on the emotional component before reaching the neutral zone. The realization is good, because now I can focus on trying to avoid the issue of over dwelling on the emotions. I am trying to take a step back from the situation for me to distance my emotions from it; such that when I address it later, my mind is clearer and I can solve the issue…show more content…
Regardless, I am always open to new transformational experiences that may come my way and I look forward to learn from them. Especially with the self reflection that the module has made me develop, I am sure I am not done experiencing some sort of transformation in my experiences and thoughts on life.

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