Managerial Skills Nvq

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1. Know your position and what responsibilities come with it. Know what is expected from you not only as a manager but as an employee as well. This will allow you to perform, behave and react in an appropriate manner. 2. Understand the organisations goals and overall viewpoint. Whilst working, planning, creating and developing new ideas, plans and activities knowing what the organisations objective is will definitely provide aid in the direction for which you should be guiding employees. It is not enough to just know what those company objective is, but you should also emphasise and encourage those goals so that they are made visible and achievable by all. 3. A clear plan, one that is both strategic as well as operational. This will allow for the achievement of goals and deadlines to be met. Ensuring that employees are aware of these deadlines allows productivity to be a main focal point to ensure that those organisational goals are in the process of being achieved. 4.…show more content…
Knowing how to set effective goals, so that it will allow the highest chances of success. You should make sure that the goals that you are setting are realistic, sufficient with the objective in vision and that it is going to be achievable. 5. Learning or having the skill to identify those factors that may affect the achievements of work objectives. This will enable you as a manager to maintain and know how you perform and behave in a number of work conditions as well as
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