How Managers Influence Employee Motivation

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SECTION I- INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTURY PARAGRAPHS The topic I have chosen to research for the purpose of this assignment is the importance of the role a manager plays in motivating employees in an organisation. Motivation is the answer to the question ‘why we do what we do?’ .I hope to gather some information regarding various factors which influence employee motivation and what managers can do to better motivate their employees in the future. A manager must have the skills of getting people to work towards achieving goals or objectives. In order to do so, s/he must have the ability to understand forces that drive people. Motivation involves providing people with their wants, which helps to create a working environment where they workers are…show more content…
Employee motivation has had a huge influence on how successful an organisation is. Employee motivation is an aspect which must be considered by the manager before s/he draws up plans which outline the aims/objectives of the organisation. It is more important than ever to ensure that employees are motivated, satisfied and engaged. Without motivated employees an organisation is more than likely going to fail in their efforts in reaching their goals, they won’t be as successful as they could have been if they had ensured their employees were motivated. As part of this research, I plan to study the importance of motivation in satisfactory job performance, importance of motivation in effective management practise, the different motivational theories, and some of the various ways employees may be inspired by…show more content…
In this theory, he focuses on how different needs act as motivators to workers at different times. A good manager would know what needs a worker would be driven by at all times. He suggests that a worker will be driven by a higher level need, once the lower order need is satisfied. This hierarchy has 5 different levels: psychological, safety/security, social, self-esteem and self-actualisation. He also proposes that once a lower level need has been satisfied, it no longer impacts on a person’s motivation. Many managers in today’s world still apply his framework when trying to identify needs which will motivate their

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