Managing Boundaries Case Study

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1. Take the self-inventory on managing boundaries in Chapter 9. What are your concerns about managing boundaries with your clients?

-The first problem that I have with setting boundaries is telling the person in the situation that I need to set up a boundary. When you are in a helping position, like a counselor or social worker, it is your job to provide a safe place and to help the person that has come to you for your advice. In some situations, in my opinion your client came to you and you want to trust each other, so with having a contract that says you will not break any boundaries is saying that this person is already bad in your eyes. That is just a concern that I may have if faced with having to set up a boundary list. But while having
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How well do you manage boundaries in your personal life? What might your answer reveal about your ability to manage boundaries in your professional life?
- When I hear the word boundaries I assume, emotional boundaries. I know that this questions is asking for all boundaries, of course but that is what I think. In my personal life I do not think that I have a lot of emotional boundaries. Often times I will find myself setting goals and saying that I will do things and falling short of my goal. It can something as simple as starting my homework for the next week, but I will not start it until the night before. The boundaries is set for me to complete my homework on time, or even early sometimes, but I am not able to reach my goal and eventually just do it the day that it is due. That is not the easiest way to do things because I have other classes that I have work in. So my boundaries that I break would be against goal setting. I also have a problem with letting people tell me what to do. In my everyday life I can be seen as assertive sometime but I am most of the time a follower. When I am in a group position I do not like to be the lead or take initiative and be leader. I do not think that this is a bad thing because there is a place for everyone is society. However, in a professional career I do see how this could affect me, espically when I have to set
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Anything you put online can be accessed by anyone, despite it being private or not. Professional people have always had the hardest time, in my opinion having and keeping online social profiles because they are held to a higher standard. The fact is that professionals are regular people too and have social lives outside of work, however what they share online may not need to be brought in to the work place. Online profiles can give away a great deal of personal information about a client and a professional. If you accept a friend request from a current client and you receive information about them that you haven’t already discussed in person, you may be crossing a boundary that you have set up. This is the same for the client. I think that is it possible to add a client ether current or past, online, if professional what is shared to be limited in its content, and not too personal to the worker. But if you are going to do that then that takes away the freedom of an online profile. Also a relationship barrier will be broken. In today’s society social media profiles are an extension of a person’s life. If your client is younger I feel like they have a deeper connection to what a media profile is for some people. They are connected to them and think that it is an extension of their

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