Managing Conflict In Nursing

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In our daily life, conflict is a nature part of human relationship which cannot be avoided. It can be a good or bad thing which may depend on how you handle it. If people put effort to deal with it, it can provide you an opportunity to understand more about each other. Otherwise, it may affect the relationship between both parties. However, people with different cultural background will lead to have different leadership styles, which can influence the use of conflict resolution strategies even in the same event and bring various outcomes. As Hong Kong Chinese tend to prefer an avoiding style rather than American, while American prefer a competing style when handling conflicts (Yuan, 2010). Therefore, this essay would like to compare
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As nurses can act as different roles including educators, communicators and managers, they will involve in so many types of interaction with other healthcare professionals which increase the chance for conflict among them (Higazee, 2015). For the causes of conflict that occur in hospitals, they can be related to competition for resource such as staff, financial sectors and space, inadequate communication, and the opposition of opinion, priorities, roles, beliefs, perceptions, practices, authority and values (Finkelman, 2015; Warner, 2001). Managing conflict can be divided into two aspects, one is conflict prevention, another one is resolution of conflict. Although managing conflict is time consuming, it is necessary to handle it well to prevent the adverse effect on relationship between staff, patient care and productivity which can also influence the job satisfaction and cause increasing in turnover rate (Simpao,…show more content…
It is about the degree of a society to tolerate ambiguity (Hofstede, 2011). However, Hong Kong is an uncertainty avoiding country so that the nurses are relying on a stable life that they do not want to make change. Therefore, nurses in Hong Kong are trend to withdraw from or prevent conflict according to this cultural characteristic, since conflict is considered as a threat which may bring a lot of uncertainties such as change of relationship between colleagues.

By contrast, America is an uncertainty accepting country that Americans are more willing to make change. They view change as an opportunity for them to make improvement and understand of the others, so they can accept the new ideas from others during conflicts which are different than before. As a result, conflicts seem to be positive for improvement in their
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