Negative Consequences Of Conflict In Organizations

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Conflict is a concept underlying practically every aspect of life and is considered pervasive in organizations (Trudel, 2009). Individuals working in organizations are subject to conflict on a daily basis whether conscious or unconscious. Such conflict is considered a double sided blade leading to either positive or negative consequences. In terms of negative consequences conflict may lead to distributed routines and decreased productivity and satisfaction. In terms of positive consequences an organization can enhance the quality of its decisions, creativity, ad performance (Shih and Susanto, 2010). The consequences have far reaching effect given that the interface between work and home blurs and organizations experiment with flatter and more…show more content…
According to the literature various factors facilitate conflict in organizations. Some of these factors include differences in attitudes, values, skills and behaviours, trust, communication, behaviour and relationship structure, competition for resources, coordination of systems, work distribution, and participation in decision making. All of these factors among others can lead to conflict in the workplace (Trudel, 2009).
Given the importance of conflict in organizations it has been reported that managing conflict is considered crucial to ensure the long term viability and success for a business (Ozdemir et al, 2009). It has been further suggested that ignoring or suppressing conflict may result in distrust and defensiveness as well as negative effects on group self-improvement and productivity (Robbins, 2001). Moreover if conflict in work settings goes unmanaged, organizations would suffer greatly as stress levels would increase, performance would decrease, and employees’ health and well-being would be threatened (Mckenzie, 2002). Other negative effects include dysfunctional behaviour, lowered productivity, and eventually the demise of the

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