Managing Personal Boundaries

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I believe that I manage boundaries within my personal life very well. I also feel I am focused, driven, and a very clear cut, no-nonsense kind of person. There are several multiple relationships within my own personal life. One of the biggest, is between my supervisor and I. Her son and my son are best friends and have been since a young age. She was also my friend before she became my supervisor. Whenever we are conversing during “business hours” we keep our discussion focused on work. After hours, we discuss our family, friends, and other topics that are personal. I perform my work requirements to the best of my ability and she always treats me like she would any other employee. I also treat her with the same respect that I would any superior. I call her “Mrs….” during work hours and call her by her first name on off-time. Another example of personal boundaries that I maintain, is between a co-worker and I. There are often times that I have to oversee work she performs or perform a task as a team with her. We work well together during business hours and keep our discussions professional. She and I both understand that when on duty, we are in business mode. Our personal lives do not cross our professional lives.…show more content…
I believe that I can work in a rural area and define the distinction between work and personal lives and the relationships associated with them. I feel that I can see clients in public settings and treat them with the same respect as I would anyone else. I would maintain confidentially and act ethically both on a personal and professional level. I also think that I can appropriately manage dual/multiple relationships well as a result of my own personal experiences. My use of social media also acts as a reflection of how I would manage my social media in regards to helper-client
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