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In today 's modern world as we expand, we are taking away habitats from animals and other diverse ecosystems. By doing this we are causes animals to become endangered and extinct. One animal that is harmed by the expansion of humans is the manatee. The manatee lives in warm shallow water next the the shore because that is where the animals have access to food and other resources.
As humans expand they are producing more waste and need a place for it to go. In some countries, people just pump the waste into the water, as a result it is harming the manatees. The waste that humans are pumping into the ocean is causing toxic algae which the manatee eats and it makes the sick or could kill them. The waste from humans hurts the manatee also by
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Manatees are slow moving animals, so it is difficult for them to get out of the way before being hit by the boat. Manatees have bad vision, so they cannot always see where the boat is coming from. Manatees also have very good hearing, so manatees might hear boats coming but cannot see them in time to move out of the way. One way that we could protect manatees from being struck by boat in shallow water is that we could make special lanes that boats have to travel through to avoid the areas that manatees are in.
Humans are expanding out into the ocean which is causing manatees to lose their habitat. Manatees live in shallow warm waters and as humans expand manatees do not have many places that they can relocate to. Manatees are like the Native Americans in the sense that they had their land taken from them. Some manatees have been relocated to zoos or other natural protected lands so they can live in the wild and not have to worry about having a food shortage or being struck by boats.
In conclusion, manatees are becoming extinct because people are populating the water that manatees live in which is causing them to die. Manatees are being struck by boats when people drive through shallow water too fast, because they cannot see them in time to move out of the way. Manatees are also becoming extinct because they are eating toxic algae that is produced from the

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