Mankiller's Autobiography

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Mankiller’s autobiography is Mankiller is writing about herself and she is writing about her personal experiences that help develop her thoughts and actions in life. She also writes about the history of indigenous people and the “Indian Island.” The last thing that was included in the autobiography was Mankiller expresses her feelings and thoughts. Meanwhile, the biography is written by Abbey talking about Mankiller. One thing Abbey talks about was Mankiller’s childhood, her leadership abilities, and Mankiller’s quotes from her autobiography adding her opinions of Mankiller’s character. The biography is different from the autobiography in many ways like the autobiography is written with quotes that Mankiller said, it also talks about…show more content…
One thing she talked about was her specific experiences that developed her thoughts and feelings. For example line 17-19 page 91 Mankiller states that she “Explored the Indian Island.” That was a experiences that developed her feelings and thoughts of the “Indian Island.” The autobiography also talks about Mankillers the history of the indigenous people from the” Indian Island.” For example line 1-9 page 91 states that even though Mankiller has spent most of the time at her grandfather’s Cherokee land she learned a great deal about indigenous people. Last but not least Mankillers autobiography talks about how Mankiller felt during these times. Mankiller had many different feelings about exploring the Island, learning new stuff, ext. That goes to show that the autobiography goes more in depth with Mankillers feelings while the biography talks more about Mankillers childhood. Mankiller wrote the autobiography to show what she learned and her exploring the Island and meeting the indigenous people. Meanwhile the biography was written by Abbey because Abbey wanted to talk about Mankillers childhood and tell a story about Mankiller and wanted to write about her. Both of these stories are about Mankiller one is Abbey writing about Mankiller and the other one is Mankiller writing about…show more content…
The autobiography talks about three main things specific experiences that helped develop Mankillers thoughts and feeling , history of the indigenous people, and Mankillers personal feelings and thoughts. The biography talks about three main things as well Mankillers childhood, leadership ability, and quotes from Mankillers autobiography. First, let's do the autobiography. The autobiography talks about Mankillers specific experiences in lines 17-19 page 91 of “Every Day Is a New Day” talks about Mankiller exploring the “Indian Island.” This helped develop Mankiller’s thoughts and feelings because it helped Mankiller learn how to be a leader and that helped Mankiller know how to be humble and respectful. Another thing the autobiography talks about is the history of the indigenous people in lines 3-8 page page 91 from “Every Day Is a New Day” says that Mankiller learned a great deal from indigenous people, governance, and land. Last but not least the autobiography talks about Mankillers personal thoughts and feeling for example line 18-19 page 91 from “Every Day Is a New Day” Mankiller was exploring the Island and that had many new feeling and thoughts in it like “Dreamlike.” Now the biography talks about three main things too. The first one is Mankillers childhood for example lines 1-4 page 87 from “Community Hero” it says that Mankiller came from a large family and
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