Mandating Vaccines Argumentative Essay

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Mandating Vaccines Vaccines have been a major topic in the United States with parents having a choice to vaccinate their children. Vaccinations are made to prevent children from diseases like smallpox, measles, polio, diphtheria and many others. Children that are not vaccinated are more at risk of being infected with these life-threatening diseases. This is not safe for children in schools that are vaccinated because they are still being exposed to these diseases. A parent should be mandated to vaccinate their children before attending school. This will help prevent these diseases from returning and possibly having an epidemic again.”Each year, thousands of children in the United States become seriously ill with diseases that could have been …show more content…

“Most childhood vaccines produce immunity about 90 - 100% of the time”(Vaccines Are Effective). Parents having a choice to not vaccinate their children is going to make these diseases possibly return. When your child gets the vaccine the body becomes infected, the child’s body immune system fights the invading organism that was injected. “White blood cells activate and begin making proteins called antibodies that locate the infectious agent and create a counteroffensive. By this time, the germs may have already had time to cause a few symptoms. In some cases, the antibody response will be too late to be helpful and the invading organism can cause a severe or life-threatening infection”(How do Vaccines Work,2015). By having those antibodies go on the attack, the immune system will eventually stop the infections and help get immunity to these certain diseases. There are children that get the vaccine but their bodies don't except the antibodies from it. Then these children are at great risk for getting exposed to these diseases from others that are not vaccinated. If mandating vaccines were approved, then parents wouldn't have to worry so much about have children out in the

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