Mandatory Dress Codes Persuasive Essay

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I remember the one fateful day in fourth grade. I had been hearing countless rumours, but I never believed it would actually happen. To my disbelief, the Starkville School District announced that there would be a mandatory dress code policy in all of its schools. I was forced to replace my gym shorts and t-shirts with khakis and school colored polo shirts. Just like in Starkville, many public school districts across the country have made the change to mandatory dress code policies. Many people think dress codes are a solution for many problems in Public Schools, but in reality, it only causes more problems. Dress codes are unconstitutional, take away students’ individuality, and are not a legitimate solution to real problems. One problem with school uniforms with school uniforms is the fact that they are unconstitutional. Based on his research, Charles Haynes inferred, “ In finding for the students, the court was a very clear that schools could not ban student expression because they dislike it or think it may start conflicts. They must have evidence that the expression may cause conflict.” (Haynes)…show more content…
According to the article, “School Uniforms: Should…”, “Opponents [of dress codes] insist that fashion is an important venue for young people to display their individuality and identity.” Also from “School Uniforms: Should…” Opponents [of dress codes], however, argue that uniforms stifle creativity. Another problem that arises from the lack of individuality is the fact that student are not getting the experience of picking out clothes for school. According to Soraya Chemaly, there are times when dressing more mature is just fine for students, especially girls. (Chemaly 40). Overall if students are allowed to dress themselves and express their own individuality like adults, they will get a better school experience. This is why dress codes taking individuality is a
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