Mandatory Government Service Persuasive Essay

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President Trump, addressing the recent Mandatory Government service controversy there are serious measures that need to be taken. In order for our country to have an equal and moral foundation for civic participation, all angles must be properly accounted for. Mandatory Government service, in theory, sounds like a good idea, however, asserting your rights in the form of Government service should not be necessary. As a citizen of this country, there is a moral obligation to serve to the best that you can and at your own will. By making it mandatory rather than a choice you take away space for personal achievements. For instance, Bill Gates donates his money for the reason that it challenges the norm and makes him even more notable, mandatory government service takes away that privilege and notoriety. There is much more to charity work than simply offering your service. Therefore as a whole mandatory government service after high school should be eliminated because it takes away the emotional benefits of volunteering, takes advantage of disadvantaged citizens and preys upon the younger generation. As a citizen of the United States certain rights are guaranteed, no citizen has to earn more rights and by making government service mandatory you take away that right. Naturalization laws and government service laws do not necessarily go hand in hand. William A. Galston wrote in the US News and World Report that, “Citizenship, then, is a package of rights and
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