Arguments Against Mandatory Government Service

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President Trump, addressing the recent Mandatory Government service controversy there are serious measures that need to be taken. In order for our country to have an equal and moral foundation for civic participation, all angles must be properly accounted for. Mandatory Government service, in theory, sounds like a good idea, however, asserting your rights in the form of Government service should not be necessary. As a citizen of this country, there is a moral obligation to serve to the best that you can and at your own will. By making it mandatory rather than a choice you take away space for personal achievements. For instance, Bill Gates donates his money for the reason that it challenges the norm and makes him even more notable, mandatory…show more content…
The use of mandatory government service takes advantage of the youth. The educational opportunities that are available to young adults, especially between the ages of 18-21. Ilya Somin of the Wall Street Journal writes on behalf of young adults who get no say, “There are many elderly and middle-aged people who can do the job just as well as 18-21-year-olds can, if not better.”(Doc 4) The older generations are the ones who receive the most government compensation, especially after retirement. This is not to say that older people must be subjected to the burdens that are created when forced to sign up for mandatory service, however preying on the young is unfair. In fact, though they lack political involvement or incentive to voice their opinions, mandatory service should not be a punishment, rather it should be reinforced. As a young adult you are still trying to figure your alliances out, are you republican or democrat? Are you aligned with your parents? Somin addresses the question, “Why then the focus on the young? I suspect it is because they are politically weak. Research shows that 18-21-year-olds are less likely to vote, less likely to engage in political activism, and have lower political knowledge levels than any other age group” (Doc 2) Political activism and the freedom to express your beliefs are what make America the country of freedom, though the younger generations lack the political incentive they are still an essential part of society. Pondering the idea of having “trigger-happy” youngsters behind the wheels of our government sounds disastrous. Spending too little time on politics should not be used as punishment but rather more people should learn to place politics behind them and see the greater good. In fact, if you consider how much life experience the elderly have had you may be a proponent as well. “Many elderly people are healthy enough to perform in strenuous
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